Dog Finds Missing Autistic Boy Lost in the Woods

Autumn’s ears and nose led her owner to an autistic boy who had spent the night alone in the woods.

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An 8-year-old golden retriever named Autumn led searchers to a 5-year-old autistic boy who had been missing for 20 hours yesterday, bringing relief to Scott Meyer’s family and the throng of volunteers searching for him. Meyer had wandered away from his Prescott, Wisconsin, home on Tuesday afternoon and had spent the night in the woods.

Jason Moser, who lives 20 minutes away, heard about the search and brought Autumn to help. They found the boy at about 8 a.m.:

Her auburn fur still wet from a cooling break in the Mississippi River, Autumn headed up an embankment and turned hard right on Wednesday morning, leading owner Jason Moser in their search for missing 5-year-old Scott Meyer.

After a few minutes trailing the 8-year-old golden retriever, Moser said, “I heard a little whimpering, a little crying. I saw bare skin and a diaper.”

Moser sprinted toward the boy, who was tucked near a tree on a steep slope. He dropped to a knee as Scott snatched a water bottle from his hand and drank half.

Way to go, Autumn!

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