Sad Dog Finds His Owner in the Hospital

John Dolan with Zander, who managed to find his owner in a part of town he’d never visited.

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There are many stories of dogs traveling long distances to be reunited with their owners, but this one has a unique twist. While John Dolan lay in a hospital bed in Islip, New York, last week, his dog Zander moped about the house. The 7-year-old Samoyed-Husky mix kept curling up on Dolan’s chair, looking very sad that his owner was away. Finally, Zander couldn’t take it anymore and sneaked out to find Dolan, despite the fact that the dog had never been to the hospital or even traveled in that direction:

The Dolan’s home is two miles from the hospital, but a “hard two miles,” according to Dolan, that includes a stream, a highway and tricky navigation through neighborhood streets.

Sometimes, it seems as if dogs have innate senses that we have yet to understand, and their need to be with the ones they love is a powerful, driving force.

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