Dog Lost During Hurricane Katrina Found 7 Years Later and 800 Miles Away

Written by: Phil Monahan

A stray white poodle picked up alongside a road in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, was brought to .
the local animal hospital where a microchip revealed something astonishing: the 15-year-old white poodle was a Hurricane Katrina refugee who had not been seen by her original family for 7 years. Apparently, they had been forced to give up the dog after they lost everything in the flood, and they are ecstatic at the possibility of his return.

According to reports, Shorty had been living with a Concord, North Carolina, family, who had adopted him six years ago from a shelter. Two weeks ago, he wandered away from home, and they had been looking for hi. However, understanding the circumstances under which Shorty had been given up, his current owners have agreed to let him go back to Louisiana if his original family wants him:

“I do want him back, but since they lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and they lost him… I wouldn’t mind them keeping him or anything because it was their dog first,” said 15-year-old Ta’layza.

“I want him to be taken care of. If they do keep him take care of him. Let him…let them know he’s just like a child. He’s been very well taken care of,” said Oclisha.

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Shorty needs medical attention before she can return to one of her former families.

photo courtesy MSNBC

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