Utah Case Shows How a Dog Lover Can Become a Dog Hoarder

A few of the 149 small dogs that were rescued from an Ogden home last week.

photo by Robert Johnson via standard.net

The case of Miguel Salgado offers a glimpse into the mind of a dog hoarder, who allowed his love of dogs to overwhelm his entire life. The Ogden, Utah, man had always been fond of dogs and took in many strays, but his generosity had no limits:

Salgado took in strays, neighbors gave him dogs, and some were dumped over his fence. Few were neutered or spayed, nature took its course, and after two years, the place was awash in canines.

Soon, Salgado was spending so much on dog food that he couldn’t afford his electric bills; his house and all belongings were awash in filth; and he simply broke down. He called in Animal Services, who discovered 149 Chihuahuhas and other small mixed breeds living in the tiny house, and the dogs were removed to local shelters. The health department effectively condemned the property, telling Salgado he could not live there until all the furnishings had been discarded and the house itself completely cleaned out. So now the man is without his beloved dogs or even a place to live.

We have posted several times about dog hoarding, and the more I read about it, the more it seems like a disease, rather than a conscious crime. Although many of the comments below the news story condemn Salgado in sometimes disturbing terms, others seem to agree that the problem is psychological: Brenda Gordon, of Pack ’N Pounce animal rescue is even raising money to help Salgado get back on his feet.

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