Dog Named After 9-11 Victim Graduates from TSA Explosives-Detection Program

The 500th dog to go through Transportation Security Administration training at Lackland Air Force Base—each of them after one of the 3,000 victims of 9-11—Dolan will be a useful soldier in the battle to keep us safe from terrorism. NBC News followed Dolan throughout his training, as he went from a lovable puppy to a highly trained working dog. The family of Navy Captain Bob Dolan, who was killed at the Pentagon, have followed the dog’s progress with pride:

“My children and I are very excited to have a puppy named in Bob’s memory,” said Lisa Dolan. “Bob began his military career as an explosives ordnance expert. When he was killed at the Pentagon, he was working on Homeland Defense, and so it very fitting to have one of the TSA puppies named for our hero, Captain Bob Dolan. Knowing ‘Puppy Dolan’ will one day be an explosives detection canine in the service of our country is reassuring. Dolan’s future career keeping travelers safe is a fitting addition to Bob’s legacy of freedom.”

Dolan is headed for duty in Maui, where he will work in the Explosives Detection Canine Team program.

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