Fun Facts: Dog Ownership and the Global Economy

The Philippines are is most dog-loving nation in Asia, as evidenced by this series of stamps.

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We don’t often post articles from “serious” journals such as The Atlantic, but this one is so full of fascinating information that we couldn’t resist. “The Dog Economy Is Global—but What Is the World’s True Canine Capital?” is a fascinating look at how dog ownership is changing around the world, and how these changes can be read as economic indicators. But aside from the serious economic stuff, there are just a plethora of interesting dog trivia, such as which countries prefer bog or small dogs and what nationality spends the most on dog food per week.

Not surprisingly, Europeans pay more to feed their dogs: Eight of the top 10 dog-food nations, by spending per dog, are from the continent, according Euromonitor. Norway (PDF) ranks in first place.

So read and enjoy. Learning can be fun!

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