Hero Dog Performs CPR on His Owner

Betty Schueler and her life-saving rescue dog, Ranger.

photo via Care2.com

Here’s another great story of a rescue dog that repaid its owner in kind. Betty Schueler didn’t expect to get a dog when she stopped in at an animal shelter on a whim, but she fell in love with a little terrier mix named Ranger. He had some anxiety issues, which meant that Schueler had to work with him quite a bit to avoid dog bites, and she was careful to train those around her to know when Ranger needed his space.

Fast-forward a year, and Schueler is suffering from unexplained blackout spells:

I knew it was my heart, but a long string of tests were unable to reveal a problem. I tried to explain to my cardiologist what was happening but it didn’t make any sense to him. All I could tell him was that I would black out, and when I came to, I often had a sore chest. The next day, I would often have little bruises on my chest.

A portable heart monitor determined that she was going into frequent cardiac arrest, but the bruising and pain mystified her doctors. Then, one day, Schueler awoke from one such spell to find Ranger jumping up and down on her chest.

Ranger would repeat this act several times before I was finally able to clear my body of blood thinners and get my pacemaker. I had saved Ranger’s life, and he, in return, had saved mine — many times over.

Whether he was purposely trying to restart her heart or was simply trying to wake her we’ll never know, but there’s no doubt that Ranger performed a life-saving medical procedure.

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2 thoughts on “Hero Dog Performs CPR on His Owner”

  1. I had a similar experience~ my old dog, a sweet lil yorkie named Annie, saved my Nanas life 3 times like that. The first time, my Nana was sittin, watching tv and outta nowhere Lil annie jumped up on her chest and started pushin. Soon enough, she started having the heart attack. After a minute or two, her chest started lightening up and she was able to grab her phone and call an ambulance. Couple weeks later, same spot, annie jumped up on her again. This time tho, she knew annie could sense her illness so she immediately called my mom. Not a minute later, she started having a stroke. My mom called the ambulance that time. The last time, Annie jumped up on her and started pushin more frantically than the times before. Startled by how insistent Annie was this time compared to the others, she immediately called an ambulance. She was rushed to the hospital in time for them to help ease her heart attack. The doctor was amazed at my Nanas reasoning for calling- Annies insistence- and told her that with the state she was in, the chances of her having survived the attack at home were slim to none. Sadly after all these years, my lil Annie has past on but my Nana is doin great, healthy and happy and i have Annie to thank for that lol. Pets are truely amazing~

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