Video: Dog on Death’s Doorstep Rescued by Utility Workers

When workers entered the basement of a Chester, Pennsylvania, home last week to work on the hot-water heater, they thought they’d found the skeletal remains of a dog. They were astonished when they realized that it was still breathing. The poor animal weighed just 19 pounds, instead of the 50 pounds it would weigh when healthy. According to investigators:

The dog was deliberately starved and neglected and was anemic after a flea infestation and bi-lateral ear infection. . . . Witnesses also told investigators Precious had a mother that was the victim of the same neglect and died in the owner’s basement a few years ago.

The former owner of the property was cited for failure to provide sustenance and failure to provide veterinary care, but that doesn’t really seem like enough, does it?

We post so many stories about the wonderful things that dogs do for people that it’s really tough to see a dog treated this way. Luckily, veterinarians and workers at the Delaware County SPCA are treating Precious around the clock, trying to nurse her back to health. Although her condition is still critical, her caretakers are optimistic. But they are seeking funds to help defray the costs of expensive veterinary care. If you’d like to help, visit the Delaware County SPCA website.

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Precious is still too weak to stand or even to make a sound.

photo courtesy Delaware County SPCA

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