Hero Dog, Geo, Saves a Young Boy from Hit-and-Run Driver

Geo suffered extensive injuries after being hit by the truck heading straight for 10-year-old Charlie Riley.

photo vis Facebook

Here’s an amazing story from Clacton, England, in which a family dog sacrificed himself to save a young boy. The Riley family was walking their beloved Geo when a pickup truck jumped the curb and headed straight for 10-year-old Charlie. According to Carly Riley, Charlie’s mom, Geo jumped on Charlie, pushing him out of the way, and was struck twice by the truck, which then drove away without stopping. Geo is recovering from extensive injuries, and his grateful family is astonished by his actions. It’s the kind of incredible act of selflessness and sacrifice that makes out dogs such important family members.

Click here for the full story.

Click here to watch a video report about Geo’s heroics.

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