Hero Dog Saves Boy from Rattlesnake

Boone suffered a horrible-looking wound on his snout, where the snake’s venom
caused the skin around the bite to die.

photo via monrovia.patch.com

A Monrovia, California teen encountered a rattlesnake in his backyard last week, but thankfully he had someone there to protect him: Boone, the family dog. Daniel Whitman says that the dog positioned himself between the boy and the coiled snake, suffering a bite to the snout that caused massive tissue damage. Thankfully, Boone, a 5-year-old Siberian husky mix, is recovering now after being rushed to the hospital on the day of the attack. Two anti-venom treatments have helped immensely, although a large patch of skin on his snout, where the bite was, turned black and is sloughing off. Way to go, Boone!

Click here for a video news report on the story.

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