Dog Saves Owner from Bear Attack

Kai, an 8-year-old Husky-Labrador cross, came to Tracey Coburn’s aid when a bear attacked.

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Last Saturday night, Tracey Coburn opened the front door of her Grafto, New Hampshire, home to let the dog out. There, on her porch, was a large black bear sow. Even worse, the mama bear had two cubs with her, which usually makes the animals defensive and much more dangerous. In a flash, the bear attacked:

[Coburn] fell as the bear charged, but she escaped the accident with non-life threatening injuries. Her dog was uninjured, despite coming to Colburn’s defense and challenging the bear, which ran off.

In an interview yesterday with television station WMUR, a bandaged Colburn said she feared for her life and credited her dog with saving her life.

“I’m just really lucky I’m alive,” she said. “After it went after me the first time, I fell and I said I’m going to die.”

Coburn was taken to the hospital, where she received more than thirty stitches. Kai has been limping since the attack but seems otherwise unhurt.
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