Dog shows ultimate loyalty after boat crash

Weimeraners are prized for their loyalty, as evidenced by a dog in South Carolina who stayed with his deceased owner for three days.

photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons

People who aren’t dog lovers will occasionally wonder out loud if those of us who do own dogs over-anthropomorphize our pets…that is, do we attribute to them human characteristics and emotions—loyalty, empathy, love, etc.—that they probably don’t feel. “Stop feeding them, and we’ll see how much they love you,” the argument goes. Well, that theory got tested pretty well in South Carolina this week. After a boating accident tragically killed its owner, a Weimeraner stayed with the body for three days, until help arrived. Not only that, but the dog tried mightily to save the man:

“That dog stayed with him the whole time,” [Sheriff Lee] Foster said. “Apparently, it never left the side of the man. There were some limbs and branches that entangled the boat, and the dog actually tried to gnaw them and remove them and free him and the boat up.”

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