Orvis Dogs of the Day: Reader Photos II

Reader Dog II 1

Crimson the labrador retriever soaks up the sun.

photo by Tammy, Collinsville

Back in January, we told you how to submit a photo of your dog for our “Dog of the Day” feature. We’ve received tons of submissions and have already featured one set of images. Here’s a great selection of photos from the our most recent batch, featuring dogs being cute, regal, and even goofy (imagine that). Thanks to everyone who sent in a photo. We’ll get to them all, eventually. And keep them coming!

Reader Dog II 2

Here is Wilbur, a 5-year-old chocolate Lab. He obviously likes to roll around in the snow while fetching his ball.

photo Brandon, Greenwich

Reader Dog II 3

Murphy, a Lab/shepherd mix, wearing ‘o the green on St. Patrick’s Day.

photo by Susan, New providence

Reader Dog II 4

Brandy and her water bowl.

photo by Janet, via email

Reader Dog II 5

Sasha, a Fox Red English yellow Lab, wonders where the birds are.

photo by Staci, Stafford

Reader Dog II 6

Rufus is a blend of Rottweiler, retriever, and we’re not sure. He is a big teddy bear who loves everyone.

photo by Betsy, Fairborn

Reader Dog II 7

Afternoon nap time for Molly the golden retriever.

photo by Marion, Minas Gerais

Reader Dog II 8

“First Mate” Bailey, a 2-year-old yellow Labrador retriever.

photo by Dave, Liverpool

Reader Dog II 9

Duffy the Shih Tzuh, also known as “Mr. D., with some friends and a chewed paw.

photo by Rod via email

Reader Dog II 10

Who doesn’t love hiking with their dogs? This is Drover, Dakota, and Juneau posing for a quick picture in Lineville Gorge.

photo by Renee, Savannah

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