Drugging Scandal at Dog Show

Ralph Ullum, charged with trying to drug a rival dog at a Wheaton show will go to trial to fight the misdemenor charges, his attorney said


From the too-strange-to-be-true file, a Nancy Kerrigan scandal for the dog world:

Jessica Plourde said she hadn’t given her prize-winning Siberian husky any drugs, but still found pill fragments in and around Pixie’s cage last year during a Wheaton dog show.

An undigested pill was discovered after a veterinarian induced the white-and-brown female show dog to vomit, Plourde testified Monday.

DuPage County prosecutors contend 68-year-old Ralph Ullum slipped human drugs to Pixie last Dec. 17 so a competing husky trained by his girlfriend would have a better chance of winning the American Kennel Club-sanctioned show.

Ullum faces misdemeanor charges that include animal cruelty and attempted criminal damage to property for allegedly giving Protonix and a second drug, possibly Benadryl, to Pixie.


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