Oregon Family Reunited with Beloved Dog After Three Years

Written by: Phil Monahan

Sara managed to travel from Oregon to Utah during her time away, but she looks so healthy that she must have been with another family.

photo via statesmanjournal.com

There were scenes of joy on Sunday when an Oregon family was reunited with their lost dog, Sara, a border collie/Australian shepherd mix who had disappeared three years ago from a friend’s home. Owner Kristin Riccitti got a phone call last week from a veterinary tech in Utah saying that a Sara had been found wandering through a canyon near the town of Kearns, just south of Salt Lake City. She had been identified by the microchip implanted beneath her skin.

No one knows how Sara got to Utah or what she was doing in that canyon. However, she was quite healthy—in fact the veterinary tech described Sara as “a little bit fat.”—so it is assumed that she had been picked up by another family at some point. What happened to them is unknown. But the obvious excitement and joy of the Riccitti family is clearly evident in the video below.

There are lots of great details in the Statesman Journal article, including how the Riccittis were able to get the dog from Utah back to Oregon.

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