Texas Woman Fights to Save Her Dogs’ Lives

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A Texas woman has run headlong into a legal nightmare after her two pit bulls, Lilo and Stitch, were seized by authorities in Fort Worth. Based on a neighbor’s complaint—but no evidence of even a single bite or injury—a judge has ordered the dogs euthanized. Their owner, Rana Soluri, claims that the complaint is part of a long-running feud she has with the neighbor, and is simply not true.

“It could be anybody’s dog,” Soluri said. “Somebody could file an affidavit who didn’t like you any way, shape or form. Guess what? They come take your dog and euthanize it.”

Here’s where the story becomes outrageous: It turns out that there is nowhere a dog owner can appeal the seizure of a dog. The justice system does not provide the dog owner a forum in which she can present her side of the story or refute the claims of the accuser.

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Click here for the Soluri’s long account of how a neighborhood feud led to this horrible situation.

Lilo and Stitch are being held by the city based on a neighbor’s complaint.

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