Foster Mom Has a Powerful Experience with an Abused Dog

The bond between Adelle and her foster mom grew strong very quickly.

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Rebecca Larsen was supposed to foster an abused dog named Adelle for a few days, but instead the pair ended up having a profound bonding experience. Adelle had been trapped by a landowner, and she was in poor shape:

Her ears were completely cropped off, very crudely. They had scabs on them where the scar is. She had scars on her body, and a bad limp. Her tail had been docked at home at some point in time as well

She was also pregnant. And when the time came to give birth, Adelle wanted nothing more than to be with her new friend, Rebecca. What transpired between them was something special and speaks volumes about the capacity for love of both the dog and the fosterer. Read on. . .

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