From Gizmodo-How Does Your Dog Sense an Earthquake is Coming?

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Lucy and Ethel
If something mysterious makes even THESE guys get up and run around, you might want to head for safer ground.

Did your dog know about yesterday’s quake before you did? We have all heard stories about dogs and other animals knowing something’s up before an earthquake happens. How do they do that? This article in Gizmodo gives you the science behind what otherwise seems to be a psychic ability…

From the article:

“…there’s nothing supernatural or sixth sense about it. Seismologists think animals sense an electrical signal generated by the movement of underground rocks before an earthquake. Or they might sense early but weak shocks that humans can’t feel. Even the U.S. Geological Survey concedes that animals likely perceive earthquakes sooner than humans”

Read the rest of the article on Gizmodo.

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