“Dog Shaming” Tumblr Site Brings Humor to Pet Problems

Partners in crime.

photo courtesy dogshaming.tumblr.com

We all have those moments when our dog’s behavior simply exasperates us. Now a humorous Tumblr gives dog owners a chance to do a little public shaming of their naughty dogs. (For those who don’t know, Tumblr is a “microblogging” platform that allows you to post pictures, videos or any other short content.) The format is simple: a photo of the offending pooch and a handwritten note detailing the “crimes.”

The results are often hilarious, especially when the dog’s expression tells a story. Before anyone argues that this is cruel and unusual punishment, please remember that 1.) it’s meant o be funny; 2.) this is a lot easier on the dog than “real” punishment; and, most importantly, . . . 3.) dogs can’t read.

Click here to visit the Dogshaming Tumblr.

The evidence is clear.

photo courtesy dogshaming.tumblr.com

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