Hero Dog Rescues Her Puppies from a Fire

One by one, the brave mother snatched her puppies from the burning house
and deposited them on a nearby firetruck.

photo courtesy soychile.cl

Dramatic photos from a Chilean newspaper show a female dog rescuing her 10-day-old puppies from a house fire. According to the accompanying story, Amanda carried each of her five puppies from the burning house to the step of one of the firetrucks fighting the blaze. The pups were then taken to a nearby veterinary clinic, where unfortunately one of them died. But surely without their mother’s bravery, all would have perished. The power of a mother’s loved prevails again!

Click here for the full story, in a rather awkward Google translation.

Because of her bravery, all but one of Amanda’s puppies survived.

photo courtesy soychile.cl

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