Hero Dog Saves the Life of Abandoned Infant

This infant boy would surely not have survived the night without a hero dog’s help.

photo csmonitor.com

I’ve heard people argue that dogs are only “loyal to” and show “love” for their owners because we’re the ones who feed them. If that’s true, how would one explain this: Reports from the west African country of Ghana this week describe how a farm dog saved the life of a two-week-old baby boy who had been abandoned by its mother:

Madam Rosemary Azure, a regional director of health in Ghana, told the Ghana News Agency that the dog apparently found the baby under a bridge in the northern part of the country near the regional capital of Bolgatana. Rather than abandon (or eat) the vulnerable tot, the dog curled up next to him for the night, refusing to leave his side.

When the dog’s owner organized a party to find the lost pooch, the group came upon the dog with the child snuggling up to it. The baby is recovering well and has been taken to a local health directorate.

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Mkombozi also saved an infant who had been abandoned, in 2005.

photo via dogheirs.com

This “hero dog who saves children” is a well known figure on the African continent. In 2005—on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya—a dog found an infant in a plastic bag and carried the child back to her own litter of puppies. She became an international celebrity for her actions and was renamed Mkombozi, which means “savior.”

Click here for Mkombozi’s story and a video.

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