Huge Florida Dog-Fighting Ring Uncovered

For the second time this week, we have a heartbreaking story of dogs held in nightmarish conditions and forced to fight to the death. Investigators in Seffner, Florida—just east of Tampa—discovered what they say is one of the largest dog-fighting rings in recent years, and it seems to have been running for more than two decades. To add further insult, one of the two men arrested showed no remorse:

“The individual there actually admitted to us that he has been fighting dogs out there for 20 years and jokingly said we were walking on a graveyard,” said Sgt. Pam Perry, investigations manager for Hillsborough County Animal Services.

Two men, 55-year-old Vannie Franklin and his nephew 41-year-old Russell Franklin, have been arrested and charged with a handful of felonies. The dogs have been taken to local rescue facilities and will be made available for adoption at some later date. “They deserve to live the rest of their life in luxury,” said Sgt. Perry. “Because they were living in a kill zone.”

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FL Dog Fighting Ring

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