Laying a Beloved Dog to Rest in Style

An intriguing story in the Chicago Tribune describes a remarkably well attended funeral for an Illinois coonhound at an Alabama cemetery. It’s a sweet story of a family saying farewell to a beloved pet—Shawnee Hills Beaujolais or “Bobo,” as he was known to 6-year-old Ericka Seets—but my first thought was, “Why are they burying that dog in Alabama?”

Then the story revealed that Bo was buried at the Key Underwood Memorial Coon Dog Graveyard, which I had never heard of. A brief perusal of the cemetery’s website reveals it to be the legacy of one particular dog-lover, Key Underwood, who established the burial ground to honor his faithful coon dog, Troop. Ever since, coon-dog owners have traveled many miles to lay their pets to rest in the hallowed ground. Both stories are amazing and well worth your time. The video above is what made Ericka Seets want to take Bo to Alabama, to be among his kind.

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