Is America’s Largest Online Dog Dealer Peddling in Puppy-Mill Dogs?

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Here’s a shocking report from NBC Miami about a class-action lawsuit alleging that one of the country’s top online dog sellers is secretly peddling in puppy-mill dogs, all the while claiming that it would never do so. The plaintiffs, including the Humane Society of the United States and 11 customers of the ironically named Purebred Breeders, claim that the puppies they received were ill, a sure sign that they didn’t come from respectable breeders:

Karen Leland, of Tequesta, Florida, became one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit after her Beagle puppy “Zoey” arrived at the airport and became so sick that it died. A heartbroken Leland was, like other unhappy customers, offered full or partial refunds. Other unhappy customers were offered replacement dogs but such customers rarely accepted the offer after they’ve invested money and love into the sickly puppies.

The report ends with a message that many potential dog owners need to hear: Before you buy a dog from some possibly shady, expensive online broker, why not check your local shelter?

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