Is My Dog Normal? 6 Common Canine Behaviors Explained

Murph looking for leadership

What’s going on inside that pretty little head?

photo by Paul Fersen

Every dog owner has wondered, “Why does he [or she] do that?” Probably more than once. An interesting article on seeks to provide explanations for 6 common dog behaviors, from rolling in stinky stuff to walking in circles before lying down:

Does your dog love to roll in garbage or manure? The bad news is scientists aren’t completely sure why so many dogs love smelling terrible, but there are a few theories — all involving dogs’ highly developed sense of smell. One theory is that dogs are trying to use the smell to tell other members of their pack about potential nearby food sources. Another is that dogs are trying to cover up the offensive smell with their own scent. But the explanation that makes the most sense from an evolutionary perspective is that dogs are trying to disguise their scent to hide from predators.

It seems that there are several theories about several of these, and I wonder how many dog owners have their own ideas about why their pooches do such things?

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