Two-Part Series Explores L.A.’s Homeless Dog Epidemic

LA Stray

A stray dog picked up by animal control officers faces an uncertain fate.

photo via Street Dogs of LA

A two-part series on The Huffington Post explores the plight of stray and abandoned dogs in Los Angeles, especial the troubled South Central section of the city. Writer Xaque Gruber writes compellingly about how the problem has been growing, its root cause, and what some animal lovers are doing about it.

Part One focuses on Michael Levitt, who has devoted his life to saving abandoned dogs, especially pit bulls, from kill shelters:

Levitt says, “It boggles my mind that a pet owner would turn their dog into a shelter, especially a senior dog who they raised, knowing the animal’s probably not going to be adopted and then, within days, euthanized. It makes me embarrassed for humanity.”

Part Two deals with the terrible stray problem in South-Central and how many organizations are trying to tackle the situation:

Of course adoption is an idyllic goal for all of these dogs, but a spokesperson for Downtown Dog Rescue comments: “We’re not going to adopt our way out of this problem. Adoption is very important, but it’s going to take much more.”

Below is a trailer for Animal Planet’s documentary “Street Dogs of South Central,” which offers chilling scenes of how these dogs live on a day-to-day basis.

Click here to read Part One: The Rescuers.

Click here to Read Part Two: Taking Action in South Central .

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