Little Milo Serves as Guide Dog for His Bigger, Blind Pal Eddie

Sometimes, Milo takes Eddie’s lead as a safety precaution.

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Almost a year ago, we received our last update about Lily, the blind Great Dane, and her guide dog Maddison. Now, from Wales comes a heartwarming tale of a similar friendship between two dogs of dissimilar size. Eddie is a blind Black Labrador, and his pal Milo, a terrier mix, serves as his guide. Apparently, the two have been pals for years, but Milo took on this new role after Eddie lost his sight:

[Angie Baker-Stedham] says, “Before Eddie went blind they both used to chase after dog toys, but now Eddie relies on Milo to help him play and they love going into the woods.

“Milo has always got his eye on Eddie and even sits on Eddie’s back when he lies down. I first noticed that Eddie was going blind last year when he started to walk into wheelie bins and walls.

“It happened so quickly which is sad because before they used to play together so easily. Now Milo helps me to fetch Eddy when I call for him. He leads Eddie all the way back to me.”

Milo took on the role of his assistance dog with no training

What a wonderful story of friendship, love, and commitment. Milo saw a need and filled it, without a second thought. You can see the pair frolicking in the video below.

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Milo and Eddie are joined at the hip, their owner says.

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