Video of the Day: Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog from DTan on Vimeo.

Here’s a wonderful commercial for the New Zealand Lottery that features an incredible dog as its central character. It’s a globe-spanning journey with a surprise ending. Three different wire-haired fox terriers played the lead role. Here’s the story from NZ Lotto:

The ad was filmed in New Zealand and India, and involved three wire-haired fox terriers sharing the lead role. Two of the dogs, Barney and Elsie, featured on the Fair Go programme with their trainers, who dished some of the behind-the-scenes gossip on which dog played Wilson in particular scenes. The third dog to play Wilson, Paddy, went all the way to India – where he got to stay in a five-star hotel between shoots! Following the shoot, to spare him a year alone in quarantine, Paddy was adopted by a Kiwi family who live in India, who have even given him his own maid!


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