Loyal Dog Attends Mass at Church Where His Owner’s Funeral Was Held

Tommy the German Shepherd waits faithfully during Mass at the church where his
owner Maria Margherita Lochi’s funeral was held.

photo via dailymail.co.uk

Here’s a touching story from Italy, via the Daily mail. A seven-year-old German shepherd continues to attend mass every day at the church where his owner’s funeral was held two months ago. Maria Margherita Lochi had adopted the dog, whom she called Tommy, after she found him wandering in a field. She would walk with him to the church every day, and the priest would allow Tommy to sit with her.

Tommy attended Maria’s funeral, and he has continued to visit the church whenever the bells ring out:

Father Donato Panna said: “He’s there every time I celebrate Mass and is very well behaved – he doesn’t make a sound, I’ve not heard one bark from him in all the time he has been coming in.

“He used to come to Mass with Maria and he was obviously devoted to her – I let him stay inside as he was always so well behaved and none of the other parishoners ever complained to me.

“He’s still coming to Mass even after Maria’s funeral, he waits patiently by the side of the altar and just sits there quietly. I didn’t have the heart to throw him out – I’ve just recently lost my own dog so I leave him there until Mass finishes and then I let him out”

It would be easy to dismiss this as just a case of a dog who is used to his routine, but we’ve posted about so many of these cases that it’s clear how dogs can grieve for a lost owner.

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