Massachusetts Governor Signs Bill Outlawing Breed-Specific Legislation

Gov. Deval Patrick (seated) signed a broad-based animal-control bill—which also
prohibits breed-specific legislation—outside an animal shelter yesterday.

photo courtesy Animal rescue League of Boston

At a ceremony outside an animal shelter in Ashland, Massachusetts, yesterday, Gov. Deval Patrick signed into law S.2192 ”An Act Further Regulating Animal Control.” Among the many provisions of the bill—such as establishing a statewide neuter/spay program and requiring animal-control officers to receive training—the bill prohibits breed-specific legislation by towns of counties, stating that “no dog shall be deemed dangerous … based upon the breed of such dog.”

“The breed-specific thing is a quick reaction to a complex problem,” said Sen. Mark C.W. Montigny, a champion of the legislation. “What we really need is a major crackdown on the people who are breeding (pit bulls) and training them to be aggressive. They are beautiful, loving dogs if not mistreated by ugly, mean human beings.”

This is a great precedent that we hope will be followed by other states.

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