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A purebred flat-coated retriever.

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After we posted about his excellent interview with the director behind the documentary Madonna of the Mills, Forbes magazine columnist Allen St. John sent me a kind email, which included this gem:

For what it’s worth, while I write about all kinds of things for Forbes (and other outlets), my dog posts have gotten more traffic than Jeremy Lin and Bruce Springsteen combined. (When I ask Tessie, my golden, to fetch these days, she just looks at me and tells me to call her agent.)

He also pointed me to two excellent stories, published earlier this month, dealing with the important subject of How to Buy a Dog. In the first article, St. John dealt with controversies over “purebred” puppies—from genetic problems to the ethics of breeding dogs when there are so many shelter dogs that need homes. The follow-up is an excellent discussion of the economics of buying such a purebred dog. Both are well worth your time.

Click here for the first article: “Westminster, “Show Dog,” and the Battle Over Purebred Puppies”

Click here for the second article: “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?”

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