Navy Vet Battles Three Pit Bulls to Save his Dog

Written by: Phil Monahan

Photo by David Bly, Desert Valley Times

You may have read on about he woman who punched a wild bear in the nose to save her dog. Well, now meet Bill Lilienthal, a tough Navy veteran who battled THREE pit bulls to save his buddy, Otto.

“When you see three pit bulls coming at you, you know you’re in deep trouble,” Bill said. He said he knew the pit bills were after Otto, a gentle Lhasa Apso.

“I tried to pick up Otto to set him on the fence, but before I could, they were on me,” he said. “I went down and one of them had Otto in his mouth.

“I yelled, ‘Somebody help me, help me!

“Two or three people stopped and honked their horns but didn’t get out of their cars”

Bill was able to fight off the dogs with the help of a neighbor and seems to be being a really nice guy about the whole thing.

The Lilienthals say they know the owners of the pit bulls are going through an ordeal.

“They are really sorry,” Bill said. “They have been over here, sent flowers. They are really concerned. We feel sorry for them.”

The pit bulls’ owners were issued a citation for three counts of allowing a dog to run at large, and Animal Control declared the pit bulls dangerous dogs.

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