Nearly 200 Chihuahuas Seized from Home and Needing Rescue

A stunning, sad story out of Pennsylvania today where nearly 200 dogs were seized from a single home in an extreme case of animal hoarding.

The state Agriculture Department said late Thursday that dog wardens cooperating with state police executed a search warrant at the home in Benton, in Columbia County, after receiving numerous tips.

They say many of the dogs were sick and numerous dead dogs were found. State police are expected to file animal cruelty charges against the owners.

Many of these dogs will need homes. Perhaps there are readers and Chihuahua lovers with extra love to give.

This little guy will need a home.

3 thoughts on “Nearly 200 Chihuahuas Seized from Home and Needing Rescue”

  1. We had a Chihuahua that died last year at the age of 18. We want another. How can we get one of these?

  2. Definitely interested in one of these Chihuahuas – we recently lost ours and are in process of looking for another one.
    phone 216.533.3167

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