New Zealand Hero Dog Is a True Giant

Guinness and his owner, Sean Scully, devoted their time and energy to
helping earthquake victims in Christchurch.

photo by Don Scott/The Press

An enormous Irish wolfhound named Guinness will be the first animal to receive a Local Hero Medal, as part of the 2012 Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Awards. Guinness and his owner, Sean Scully, worked 12-hour days for three weeks to help victims of the quake, and the striking Guinness became known as “Earthquake Dog.” The six-year-old, 190-pound pooch is a true gentle giant, who brought smiles to the faces of quake-hit residents. He even gave children rides on his back around silt-laden streets.

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Guinness helps rescuers search through rubble soon after the quake.

photo Brett Phibbs/New Zealand Herald

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