Ohio Tries Again to Regulate Dog Breeders

Commercial dog breeders in Ohio will be subject to standards of care and other
regulations for the first time. But dog lovers will continue to fight for more action.

photo via cleveland.com

Throughout last spring and summer, we posted about attempts by lawmakers to ban dog auctions in Ohio. Things looked good for awhile, but then the bill died in June. It seemed as if Ohio might never drum up the political will for reform.

However, there is new hope: On Tuesday, the state House and Senate agreed on a final version of a bill that willsubject Ohio dog breeders to standards of care and other regulations for the first time:

“For too many years, the state of Ohio has been known as a haven for low-quality, high-volume breeders that we call puppy mills,” said State Sen. Jim Hughes, a Columbus Republican who sponsored the bill. “This kind of careless treatment of animals is not a reputation that should be attached to our state.”

It is important to note, however, that these new regulations are hardly strict, and that this is just the first step in the battle that many activists are fighting: to end dog auctions and shut down puppy mills.

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