Orvis Cover Dogs: Top Fundraisers and Most Popular

We were thrilled to announce the winners of the most recent round of the Orvis Cover Dog Contest last week and now we’re excited to announce the entries that raised the most money and received the most unique voters! To date, we’ve received more than 60,000 photos, and have raised more than $700,000 for canine cancer research and the Morris Animal Foundation. Our current contest is scheduled to end March 31st – click here to enter, and check out the top dogs below.

Moose(RIP) w/ Mica – Money Raised: $4,385, 28 voters

Owner: Sydney W. of Key West, FL

Mandy – Money Raised: $3,000

Owner: Aura M. of Bridgewater, MA

Molly – Money Raised: $1,500

Owner: Susan H. of Warren, MN

Buster – Money Raised: $1,490, 13 voters

Owner: Liz B. of Oyster Bay, NJ

Emma – Money Raised: $1,115, 16 voters

Owner: Gia C. of New York, NY

Cori & Lucy – Money Raised: $1,005

Owner: Alice H. of Los Altos, CA

Pepper – Money Raised: $1,000

Owner: Lauren B. of Ocala, FL

Abigail – 41 voters

Owner: Robin R. of Charlotte, NC

Franklin – 18 voters

Owner: Jeff L. of Chicago, IL

Milo & Murphy – 10 voters

Owner: Kelly T. of Key West, FL

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