Orvis Dog of the Day: Bella!


Bella living it up in the Green Mountain State.

photo by Gretchen, Boston

Blog reader Gretchen just sent us this cute picture of Bella, along with a heartwarming story:

Attached is a photo of our lovely rescue dog Bella, who definitely should be featured as one of your Dogs of the Day. She is a three-year old mixed breed whom the rescue organization described as a “collie/lab mix”—neither of which breed we have ever discerned in her! She was found alone on the street in a driving rain storm when she was just 3 months old, so we will never know who her parents were.

At months old, she made the long trek from Georgia to our home in Boston. She grew up to be a smart, funny, athletic dog who can outrun just about anyone and is a star in her agility classes. She is also a great big sister to our younger pup from Arkansas, and our two cats (who think they are dogs, too).

Bella loves to hike, swim, play frisbee, and just hang out. This picture is from a recent trip to Vermont when we hiked the Green Mountains with her. We could not be happier and luckier that Bella came to us.

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