Dog Paralyzed in Joplin Tornado Walks Again

A Cocker spaniel named Sugar, who was paralyzed in the aftermath of a tornado in Joplin, MO is walking again and on her way to full recovery thanks to the efforts of a caring team of veterinarians. According to a release by University of Missouri:

Two days after surgery, Gilliam, who provides rehabilitative therapy to veterinary neurology patients, began electrical stimulation on Sugar’s hind limbs to help prevent muscle atrophy. Sugar received the treatment once per day for seven days. Gilliam alsobegan underwater treadmill therapy once per day to find signs of movement in the dog’s hind limbs. On June 6, two weeks after the tornado, Sugar began to show movement in her hind legs for the first time. Gilliam and the neurology team continued the underwater treadmill therapy once per day and started additional therapeutic exercises to help Sugar strengthen her muscles.

MU Veterinary Team Helps Dog Paralyzed in Tornado Walk Again from MU News Bureau on Vimeo.

Read the rest of this miraculous story here.

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