Pastor’s Dog Found Alive Three Days After Church Destroyed by Fire

The Rev. David Reasby, an Iowa pastor, was so convinced that his 10-year-old Chuhuahua, Lil Bit, had perished in a fire that destroyed the Lighthouse Full Gospel Baptist Church that he kept trying to get to store to purchase a cross and flowers to commemorate the dog. But, for various reasons, Reasby kept getting interrupted by other jobs. Good thing, too, because Lil Bit wasn’t dead. Three days after the fire, she was found—hungry, thirsty, and filthy—whikle Reasby and an inspector were touring the damage:

“I cried,” Reasby said of seeing the dog alive. “You hear about people who love their animals like their children, like a part of their families. That’s what Lil Bit was to us, a member of the family.”

For Reasby, it was a bright spot in the long days that followed Friday’s fire.

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Lil Bit

The return of Lil Bit was a ray of hope in an otherwise tragic situation for Reverend Reasby.

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