Pet Store to Stop Selling Puppy-Mill Dogs and Switch to Rescue Animals Instead

Here’s some fantastic news from the retail-pet world. A mall pet store in California has decided to stop selling animals from puppy mills and will instead offer rescue dogs for sale. Starting on March 1, Barkworks will feature rescue dogs through a partnership with Pet Connections, Inc., a national organization devoted to finding homes for shelter pets:

“The idea is that change is in motion here,” said Marlene Walsh of Pet Connections. “Whether it’s ordinances that cities are passing, regulations that malls are implementing, where they no longer want commercially bred puppies in their stores, or simply public pressure to stop the puppy mill, the commercially bred dog industry. Whatever the case may be, the time is ripe for us to get this program under way, and we’re very proud to be able to facilitate this.”

The hope is that folks who normally would not go to a shelter will be willing to adopt pets in this more familiar, less stigmatized atmosphere. Whether folks will be willing to pay $300 to $500 for a “pre-owned” pet is another question. What do you think of this model?

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