UPDATE: Petey’s Home!

After three months, Petey and his owner, Jim Arrighi, are reunited in Tennessee. While Petey was missing Arrighi’s wife, Juanita, passed away, making Petey’s return that
much more important.

photo by Mark Hicks/The Stewart Houston Times

Yesterday, we posted a story about Petey the Jack Russell Terrier, who had been found in Michigan—600 miles from his home—after a three-month journey. Volunteer Nancy Greiser from the Michigan Humane Society drove Petey all the way home to Tennessee to be reunited with his owner, Jim Arrighi. Thursday morning, amid balloons and welcome signs, Petie (as his owner spells the name) greeted Arrighi with barks and a wagging tail. Thanks to good fortune and an identifying microchip, this story has a happy and heartwarming ending.

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