Photos: How the Kids Spent a Snow Day in Vermont with Bell the Dog

Bell 4

Bell was a real sport, and her willingness to endure the “dress up” treatment is a
sign of how devoted she is to her three young girls.

all photos courtesy Bill Moses

Yesterday was a snow day in Arlington, Vermont, and my friend Bill found himself at home with his three girls—Katie, Ella, and Clara—for the day. He sent these photos of an epic “dress up” party they had with their beloved hound mix, Bell (short for Tinkerbell). The dog endured the various costume changes with grace and a wagging tail, Bill says, and she was showered with hugs and kisses throughout. Bell was rescued from a kill shelter in Tennessee, and Bill’s wife, Jen, picked her up from a shelter in Queensbury, New York. According to Bill, she is a wonderful, affectionate addition to the family.

Bell 2

Bell 1

Bell 3

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