Persistent Pursuit of Purloined Pug Pays Off

Stolen Pug Found Months Later:

Can you imagine watching someone steal your neighbor’s beloved dog? That’s just what happened when Anne Sutherland’s pug, Molly, managed to wriggle through the fence of her yard. A passerby snatched up the little dog and was gone before anyone could do anything about it. What happened next is the truly remarkable part of the story—Sutherland spent five months searching for Molly and never gave up hope:

As part of her search efforts, Sutherland plastered her Houston Heights neighborhood with lost-dog posters. She reached out on Facebook, posting about her search at the Short Mugs Rescue Squad page, which is dedicated to finding missing pugs.

Her search went viral in the community as strangers began hosting “Find Molly” events outside schools and stores, according to MyFox.

This week, as the result of a tip from a stranger, Sutherland was reunited with her best friend. Click here for the whole story.

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