Pit Bulls No Longer Classified as “Vicious” in Ohio

No longer will Ohio’s pit bulls be considered vicious because of their breed alone.

photo via the Toledo Blade

Yesterday morning, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio signed new legislation that overturns a 25-year-old law declaring all pit bulls “vicious.” According to an article in the Toledo Blade,

In addition to dropping any reference to a specific breed of dog from the law, the new law will redefine current designations of “vicious” and “dangerous” dog, create a third lesser category of “nuisance” dog, create a process for dog owners to appeal law enforcement’s labeling of their dogs, and place the burden to prove the classification by clear and convincing evidence on the dog warden.

As we have posted before, automatically designating an entire breed as vicious or unwanted reflects a poor understanding of dog (and human) behavior.

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