Flu season isn’t just for humans anymore

Now is the time of year when many of us are getting our flu shots, but let’s not forget our canine companions. A report from KAALtv in Austin, Minnesota, highlights how important it is for dog owners to be on the lookout for canine influenza. The virus is called H3N8, is highly contagious, and was first discovered in dogs back in 2004. As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention page for dog flu makes clear, the virus is not very dangerous for about 80% of dogs, but others, especially those that may already be struggling with respiratory problems, can develop pneumonia. At that point, things can get serious fast, and some dogs do die. So bone up on the symptoms, and check with your vet about a fly shot for your dog, and stay healthy this winter.

There is a vaccine available for canine flu. Ask your
doctor if your pet qualifies.

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