Product Reviews Lead to Better Product Development

Developing a product and getting it on the shelves of a store or the pages of our catalog and website is merely one step of many in the life of a successful Orvis product. Of the thousands of products Orvis has developed in more than a century-and-a-half, many hundreds of them have become customer favorites. And many of these favorites have achieved this status due in large part to customer comments and reviews. In short, it’s our customers who, by commenting on the good (and bad) attributes of our products, ensure their success.

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Dog products can be especially challenging due to the detailed specificity of each product’s purpose. Whether it’s solving a common problem, improving your dog’s health and well-being, ensuring their safety, or simply making them happy, Orvis dog products are designed for function and performance, and are purchased based on these attributes.

The customer reviews on aren’t solely for customers. Our customer-review team reads every review, responds as needed, and forwards customer feedback to Orvis product developers. The end result is an improved product.

When we launched our original Furniture Protector, it was poised to become an instant success —it was an innovative idea that solved a common problem. But then the reviews came in. Slipping off couches was a complaint we saw over and over. A removable bolster was requested time and again.

We listened, reworked our original designs, and developed an improved version of this customer favorite. We added straps that hold the protector securely to the couch while preventing slippage. We made the bolster removable for increased comfort when sharing the couch with your dog. Small improvements like these resulted in a more usable product. You’ll find this updated protector (3E7R) in our fall dog catalog.

Another tried and tested product that our customers helped make better is our Dog’s Nest®. Introduced more than 35 years ago, it has remained remarkably unchanged for the most part. One area of vast improvement was the polyester fill. Customers frequently commented that the amount of fill varied from Nest to Nest. After reviewing these comments, our product developers worked with the Dog’s Nest team in Roanoke, VA and established strict guidelines for every Nest in every size. The result was uniform fill specifications, perfectly stuffed beds, and happier dogs.

Orvis customer comments are invaluable when it comes to improving our products. So please, keep those reviews coming!

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  1. I bought a rod in Colorado from you and I used it twice . the second time I pulled it out of the case the tip was broken. Don’t know how or why and how do I get it fixed

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