Stray dogs befriended by soldiers on duty in Afghanistan are flown thousands of miles to be reunited

US Soldiers have been reunited with their best friends thanks to a partnership wtih British charity Nowzad Dogs and US charity American Dog Rescue

We recently linked to a touching video on the bond that develops between US soldiers in Afghanistan and the stray dogs that befriend them in the field. Some of you commented that it owuld be nice to get them flown to the US to live with these soldiers when their tours of duty had ended. Thanks to a partnership between a Britsh charity and a US charity, many soldiers are being reunited with their best friends and by the looks of the picture above, everyone is pretty happy about it!

From an article in the Daily Mail:

They bonded in the heat of battle in war-torn Afghanistan. And these heart-warming pictures show how the stray dogs who helped soldiers through their toughest times are being thanked – with a new loving home.

US soldiers regularly make best friends with loyal Afghan dogs, who are invaluable companions on the front line and provide relief after days of brave and exhausting fire fights. And now these lucky pets have been reunited with the servicemen who befriended them with while on duty.

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