“Puppies for Rent” Business Booming in Utah

Puppies for Rent owner Jenna Miller with one of her “products.”

photo via dogster.com

A Brigham Young University student is at the helm of a burgeoning new business venture in Provo, Utah: Puppy rentals. Yes, you read that right: they are renting 8- to 12-week old puppies at a cost of $15 for one hour, $25 for two hours and $10 for each additional hour.

The woman behind this juggernaut, Jenna Miller, says it was designed to serve students who aren’t allowed to have pets in their dorms, but it has grown to includeother students, families, and single people:

“This started after I heard that Yale University has puppies they rent to students during finals week to help them de-stress,” Miller said. “It’s been growing super fast.”

Understandably, there are lots of people who worry about the welfare of the puppies involved, but Miller claims that the contract that renters sign is very strict. Plus, Puppies for Rent claims a 100 percent adoption rate for the dogs, usually from people who have previously rented the animals.

So what do you think? Is this a valuable service that helps people enjoy the companionship of a dog and finds homes for unwanted puppies, or is it an exploitation of the puppies that doesn’t take their well-being into account?

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