Requiem for a Beloved Neighborhood Dog

Little Man was finally captured after 6-1/2 years as an elusive but beloved stray.

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Here’s the wonderful story of Little Man, a beloved local fixture in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park, who passed away last week. He spent years as an elusive stray living in Elysian Park, and local residents adopted him as their own:

Years passed. So did attempts to trap and tame him. Much roasted chicken was used to lure him into the gated front yard — only for him to tunnel out and wait, across the street. Animal Services set traps, catching multiple neighborhood dogs, squirrels, even a skunk, but never Little Man. Even the self proclaimed “best roper in the West,” who then worked for Animal Services, left unrewarded. Little Man was not to be had–he lived on his own terms, and he liked it that way.

Eventually, he did discover the joys of having a real home, with a bed and an owner who adored him. For the last 4-1/2 years, he never spent a night outside in the cold. And when he died, he was in the arms of the woman who had loved and cared for him.

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