Rescued Michael Vick Dogs Reunited 5 Years Later

Look at the happy faces on these dogs, who were once trained to fight to the death.

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It’s an incredible story how many of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s notorious dog-fighting operation have found loving homes and are now happy pets. A couple weeks ago, seven of these dogs were reunited in California:

Five years ago they had scars, some physical, all emotional. They wore bandannas at their reunion celebration, surrounded by 125 emotional guests and their proud owners.

“They’re very forgiving and they all really enjoy other dogs, which is probably the other big surprise that came out of the case,” said Donna Reynolds, director of Oakland-based BAD RAP, an advocacy group for “pit bull-type” dogs. “In fact, dogs were a comfort to them.”

The photos that accompany this article on the ABC News website are wonderful, and the stories of how these dogs have built new lives with their new families. Seven have Canine Good Citizen Certificates and three are therapy dogs in hospitals and children’s literacy programs.

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